New Supplier Opportunities

CSS is not about accepting just any company as a supplier partner. We have a real desire to work with suppliers who are prepared to work with the group and the individual members to grow the business in a mutually beneficial and rewarding manner. The advantages of being a supply partner to the group are:

  • Reduced competition
  • Supplier/member partnership
  • Stable customer base
  • New customer base
  • Pre-planned inventory
  • Growth opportunities
  • New product release support
  • Market information/intelligence
  • Access to market for research/development
  • Confidentiality
  • Lower costs in conducting business with members
  • Low cost of membership and ease of administration
  • Conference/meeting time allocation
  • Co-operative development of e-commerce systems
  • Access to advertise products in the CSS catalogues and trade publications
  • Catalogue support - CSS put together a 40 page half yearly specials catalogue, as well as advertise in trade publications to lift the profile of the group and members
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive annual CSS conferences

If you want to know more, please contact Jeff Wellard or Glenn Waites by phone or email.

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