New Member Opportunities

CSS over the past years have ensured that we remain a quality group by having a set criterion for potential members. Membership to CSS is strictly limited to a select group of independently owned, distributors of fasteners, tools, and construction and industrial products. Membership is not automatic and potential members must demonstrate they are regarded as being reputable, successful, and ethical and financially sound businesses with a sales shop front and field sales representation. Key advantages of the CSS Strategy for members are:

  • Opportunity to reduce the number of product suppliers
  • Opportunity to reduce the depth & breadth of stock for all members
  • Increased inter-action between supplier partners and members
  • Opportunity to share in Long Term Incentive Schemes (LTI)
  • Opportunity for reduction in overall stock costs via group sourcing
  • Increased field support from accredited Supplier Partners
  • Supplier supported, co-operative, strategic marketing initiatives
  • Provision of sales leads
  • Access to group catalogues and promotional leaflets
  • Use of group name for promotional purposes
  • Access to exclusive products
  • Reduction in operating expenses
  • I T support services
  • Access to and participation on the CSS website
  • Sales and Marketing support services
  • Catalogue support - CSS put together a 40 page half yearly specials catalogue, as well as advertise in trade publications to lift the profile of the group and members
  • Networked field/market intelligence

If you want to know more, please contact Jeff Wellard or Glenn Waites by phone or email.

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