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Tuesday August 8th, 2017 saw the birth of a ‘little brother’ to Broome Bolt Supplies, when Pilbara Tools and Fasteners, of Port Hedland W.A., opened its doors for the first time.

Broome Bolts was formed more out of necessity than anything else as we had moved up from Perth – getting away from the hustle and bustle – and I needed to find something to do to survive.  It was never a dream of mine to have my own business but I did know bolts and there was a ‘need’ in the town at the time for a serious player.

Having got a few years under the belt at my ‘proving ground’ in Broome, learning a great deal and developing a passion for what we were doing, I started to dream about the next ‘something’ to do.

Then I recalled the first time driving into Hedland where I was literally in awe of the buildings, towers, miles of pipe, steel and concrete and thinking why the place hadn’t been on the that T V show – MEGASTRUCTURES.

The spark that was ignited at Broome was now flaring and the vision of Pilbara Tools and Fasteners went from – ‘IMAGINE IF SOMEONE HAD A SHOP IN HEDLAND THAT WAS JUST LIKE BROOM BOLTS’  to ‘TUESDAY MORNING AUGUST 8TH, 2017 AND WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS’ – in a very short space of time.

Being part of the CSS Sales and Marketing Group, just like Broome Bolts, means doors are opened up to us from most of the major industrial manufacturers and wholesalers in this country and we can offer the very best quality products and support services available anywhere.

Just like the ‘older brother’ up the road, Pilbara Tools and Fasteners is a SOURCE destination for products and services but we also want to be a RESOURCE to our customers when they want/need advice, technical support and good old fashioned, extraordinary service.

The green light is on and we guarantee we’ll do our very best to make sure we do it right by you. 

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